DRIVEN CX: Online HCX Masterclass

Do you want to upgrade your Human-Centered & Happiness-Contributing Experience Leadership Competencies & improve your company growth, and profitability with happiness – and do so at your own timing and minimum costs?

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Both Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX) are the perceptions each customer or employee has of their interactions with an organization.

“Great Customer Experiences don’t happen by accident!” K. Bodine & H. Manning

“Most meaningful and impactful Customer Experiences are HCX… Human-Centered & Happiness-Contributing Experience” R. Cirillo

I believe the future of both CX and EX is HCX “Human-Centered and Happiness-Contributing Experience”. Companies thrive when they:
✔ design and deliver products, services, and experiences that are meaningful and life-enriching for customers
✔ apply business models which treat “employees, customers, and society” all as human beings with a common shared goal; a peaceful, sustainable, healthy, and happy life.

Leading companies routinely perform a set of standard practices and develop competencies across 6 disciplines. These practices are the basis of Wow Now DRIVEN Framework covered during this masterclass.

After 6 years of delivering this masterclass in-person and virtually, I have created an e-learning version of it covering content with at least 8 hours of videos (5 to 15 minutes each) and providing plenty of exercises, templates, and questions for reflection and action; plus a blended learning option with an add-on for 5 weekly calls of 1 hour with other students, for a total of at least 16 hours of learning.

In this program you will:

  • Learn DRIVEN Competencies: Define, Research, Ideate, Innovate, Improve, Validate, Execute, Empower, Enable and Nurture.
  • Learn Experience Disciplines: Strategy, Customer Understanding, Experience Design, Innovation and Improvement, Metric, Measurement & ROI, Organizational Adoption & Accountability, Culture.
  • Learn about Happiness in Business: how vital elements of the Science of Happiness and Emotional Intelligence impact the human experience.
  • Learn practices and energizers from Laughter Yoga, Qigong, and Hearth Coherence that you can embrace in your daily routine and all other online meetings.
  • Do – Call to Action: thanks to the templates (persona, empathy map, journey mapping, brainstorming) and the exercises, you will practice addressing your company’s experience challenges and will gain a toolbox that you can use in all your future projects.
  • Reflect – Call to Reflection: thanks to the prompts offered, you will identify ways to drive the change within the organization (towards the direct team, customers, employees, or society/community); uncover and/or address your specific challenges (what gets in the way?)
  • Commit: by the end of the training, you will have identified your MAGICS © summary and action plan for your transformation journey
  • Share your own experience and vision with other participants.
  • Grow through 6 stages: Grounding, Reaching-up, Orchestrating, Wowing, Taking Time, and Harvesting.
  • Validate your readiness for the CXPA exam to become CCXP. Our learning materials were certified in 2017 by the CXPA as propaedeutic for exam preparation. Since then, we've expanded and updated them.


 This masterclass is beneficial for:

  • CX or EX professionals who want to validate, increase, and frame existing knowledge.
  • CX professionals who want to check their readiness for the Certified Customer Experience Professional Exam.

Leaders who want to learn more about the Science of Happiness and apply it to CX and EX.


✔ Elevate, validate, and frame your CX knowledge.
✔ Learn about the 6 disciplines HCX leading companies need to master and orchestrate for sustainable growth.
✔ Access to pragmatic frameworks, methodologies, and a toolbox for your CX projects.
✔ Understand how key elements of the Science of Happiness and Emotional Intelligence impact the human experience.
✔ Learn practices and energizers from Laughter Yoga, Qigong, and Hearth Coherence. (Using these techniques at home and at work enrich your well-being and those of your colleagues).
✔ Check and validate your readiness for the CXPA exam to become a Certified Customer Experience Professional. (Optional)
✔ Identify your MAGICS © summary and action plan for your own CX journey.
✔ Learn, share, connect, grow & blossom as an HCX Pro.
✔ Master to drive a CX and Happiness Transformation Journey.


✔ Access to the platform is guaranteed for 6 months. 

✔ All the downloadable files will be yours forever.
✔ All the answers to questions & journaling you'll do through the course can be saved as pdf for you to retain.

ABOUT THE TRAINER: This program is facilitated by Rosaria Cirillo Louwman

✔  Certified Customer Experience (CCXP) professional with 20 years of experience

✔  Certified Happiness Trainer, Uppiness Game Trainer, and Laughter Yoga Teacher

✔  Certified in Design Thinking and NPS2

✔  Founder of CXPA NL

✔  Brings real business cases and a lot of practical examples

✔  Ability to deliver an engaging and fun online learning experience

✔  Has field experience, a hands-on and practical approach.

✔  16 HCX Masterclasses delivered in person, virtually, in-company or as open programs for a total of 145 HCX Catalysts (till July 2022)


COST: given the launch of this program as e-learning on this new e-learning platform, we have a special offer till the end of February 2023:

Early adopter regular bird: 350€. Previous Masterclass Alumni 250€ (get in touch for coupon code) excl. 21% VAT

Regular Bird incl. VAT: 423,50€. Alumni incl. VAT: 302.50€

Doors to our online academy are already open and when you sign up you immediately get access to the first introduction module. Each new module will be released as you complete previous module.

For an additional 300€ you can also have a blended learning option with an add-on for 6 weekly calls of 1 hour with other students in which we discuss each module. These weekly calls will start in Q2 2023. Get in touch if you are interested in this option too


You can pay by credit card/debit card, by purchasing the product directly here. Please select the payment option related to your country (NL, EU, or outside EU) and tax status (business with VAT # or individual) so that the VAT can be calculated correctly. For business within EU - payment option 2. EU Client (business wh VAT # for reverse charge) - you will need to provide us with your company VAT number. This can be done in the tool when answering the admin form with your details. 


--> Do you want to upgrade your Human-Centered & Happiness-Contributing Experience Leadership Competencies & improve your company growth, and profitability with happiness – and do so at your own timing and minimum costs?

Sign up today and join us on this learning journey!! 

After you complete your order, you will receive access to the e-learning platform and books will be sent to you via mail (if your country is eligible and you provided an address) after you provide the mail address in the introduction module.

Looking forward to getting to know you,

Smiling regards

Rosaria Cirillo, Founder Wow Now Academy 

13 Modules

00. Extra. PODCAST: Happiness Contribution Show

Hosted by Rosaria Cirillo (Certified Happiness Trainer, CX Pro & Laughter Yoga Teacher) in this show we talk with incredible people about the various roles Happiness plays in our lives, sharing knowledge and practices about what contributes to our happiness and how we can contribute to others’ happiness as individuals and as business leaders.

00. Extra: Happiness Driven Growth Keynote - ARCET European Customer Centricity Awards

COMING NEXT: Optional Extra: Quiz and preparation for CCXP exam

00.EXTRA: Happinews

Find below the past editions of our Monthly Happinews, where we share our insights and updates on all things Happiness Driven Growth, WOW Human Experience, and Personal Growth

Modules for this product 13
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