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In this Vault, you find a few FREE (!) tools & downloadables to jump-start your HCX journey to create more Human-Centered and Happiness-Contributing Experiences for yourself and everyone you interact with or design experiences for.

I regularly update this vault with new content and templates.

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YELLOW FACTOR Happiness in Business - Book extract

Find below 3 chapters (1-22-23) extracted from the book: YELLOW FACTOR Happiness in Business. Nine paths to achieve business growth, productivity, and prosperity by cultivating happiness, by Rosaria Cirillo Louwman and Stan Phelps

Happiness Driven Growth Keynote - ARCET European Customer Centricity Awards

NVC, Emotions, Needs, DOSE, Happiness Factors and Sunflower of Happiness

The link between Emotions, Needs, and the Chemicals of Happiness is at the core of everything I do and teach. This content is based on the Science of Happiness, on years of CSAT & NPS Analysis, on Marshall Rosenberg NVC model, and on the review of over 300 cases for the writing of Yellow Goldfish Factor book. 

Find here the overviews images and downloadable for your daily use and consultation

Happiness Driven Growth & HCX Framework

We believe that the future of CX is HCX: Human-Centric, Heart-Centered & Happiness-Contributing Experience, and we have developed the Happiness Driven Growth Framework. Find here the overview of this framework.


Find below the past editions of our Monthly Happinews, where we share our insights and updates on all things Happiness Driven Growth, WOW Human Experience, and Personal Growth

PODCAST: Happiness Contribution Show

Hosted by Rosaria Cirillo (Certified Happiness Trainer, CX Pro & Laughter Yoga Teacher) in this show we talk with incredible people about the various roles Happiness plays in our lives, sharing knowledge and practices about what contributes to our happiness and how we can contribute to others’ happiness as individuals and as business leaders.

[coming soon] HCX Mapping & Yellow Factor Storming Downloadable Templates

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